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Nick Leonard

Since working for the Greening of Detroit as an urban agriculture intern in the summer of 2008, Nick has been infatuated with urban farming as a tool for neighborhood revitalization in Detroit. Inspired by the  experience, Nick decided to attend law school to learn how legal systems could be utilized to empower Detroiters to revitalize their own  communities. After spending his first year of law school at Wayne State  University, Nick transferred to the University of Michigan. During his  time at Michigan, Nick has been a student-attorney with the Community  and Economic Development Clinic, where he has worked with numerous  non-profit clients in Detroit, and his article titled, Utilizing  Michigan Brownfield Policies to Incentivize Community-Based Urban  Agriculture in Detroit, will be published in the upcoming issue of the Michigan Journal of Environmental and Administrative Law. Aside from  urban farming, Nick loves Detroit Tigers baseball, University of  Michigan basketball, as well as hiking and reading Southern Gothic  literature.

2 thoughts on “About Nicholas Leonard”

  1. Hi Nick;
    Heidi Orti gave me your name . I am a PI attorney. In fact I have a case with Heidi.
    I am also what I call a “half assed farmer” . We own and operate 50 acres of farmland in Traverse City . Like you I love the City . I have watched a number of smaller projects fail in the City . I would love to hear about some successes.
    Thanks for doing what you are doing.

  2. Hi Nick;
    Heidi Orti gave me your contact info. I am an attorney and “halfassed farmer” . We operate a 50 acre farm in traverse city .
    Like you I love the city and would love to see community based urban agriculture take off. So far , the smaller projects I have watched don’t seem to be sustainable. I would love to hear of some successes or plans for successes.
    I’m interested. Thank you for giving your time to this ,
    Bob Gravey

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